Day 39: 10X

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Day 39:  10X

Day 39.  It was a documentary day.  I’m almost done with scene 10.  Yes, you read that right.  I’m almost done with scene 10.  I know, I know.  Scene 10 was supposed to be checked off shortly after my “breakthrough” five days ago.  Yeah, not so much.  I’m still “breaking it up” into smaller sections but it’s ultimately going to be a montage and I’m trying to get every possible tidbit we might want in said montage in the string out. It’s simply a tremendous amount of time consuming work.  Tomorrow.  Tomorrow.  Tomorrow.  Please editing Gods, let me finish it tomorrow! Why is it that everything always takes so much more time, effort and work than I think it will?

I’m hoping to find some answers in the book I just started reading, “The 10X Rule…the only difference between success and failure” by Grant Cardone.  A friend told me about it a few months ago and I’m just now getting around to reading it.  No, I did not order it from Amazon…well, actually, I did order it from Amazon but not recently!  It was before I was officially cut off.  Anyway, on the inside cover it says, “With The 10X Rule, you’ll learn to establish the amount of effort needed to guarantee success and ensure that you can continue operating at this level throughout your life.  Most people desire success and have great ideas but they come up short on the amount of action required to get their lives to the exceptional levels they deserve.  Four degrees of action exist, and in order to achieve your dreams, you must learn to operate at the fourth degree of action:  Massive Action.”

Do 10 times more.

Yes.  I get that.  It resonates.  Massive action.  I think that’s the thing we tend to forget is necessary in order to succeed at anything.  “Breakthroughs” are helpful.  They can get us over humps and keep us going.  But the reality is, breakthrough or not, my lack of completion on scene 10 shows that even after a “breakthrough” you still have to do the work.  Even after you are inspired, after you are motivated, after you are moved by meaningful quotes or the latest heart wrenching, change your life, make a difference You Tube video on Facebook, you still have to go and do the actual work it takes to get done what it is you want to actually do.  Massive action.  Succeeding at anything takes it.  All the inspiration, motivation and flowery thoughts in the world won’t actually get anything done.  Only action will…doing the work.

As I think outside the box inside the box during this yearlong experiment in prolific creativity, I cannot let myself forget that!  In order to create from what I have it’s going to take an ass load of action AKA work—whether I enjoy it or not, whether it’s pleasurable or painful—work is what will take to make it happen, day in, day out, consistent, persistent, constant work…10 times more work than I think it will actually take to do what I want to get done.  I’m exhausted just writing it.  I’m really glad I love doing this shit.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…and plan to do 10 times more than what you think it will actually take to do what you want to get done.

Kelli Joan Bennett is a filmmaker, actress, writer, entrepreneur, advocate for creative thinking and Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Think Outside The Box Inside The Box Media.

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  1. The sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there’ll be sun. While thinking about tomorrow, put away your problems and your sorrows till there’s none….
    Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, it’s only a day away.

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