Day 42: A Day Away

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Day 42:  A Day Away

Day 42.  I took the day away from everything.  The editing.  The new venture.  My house.  Although I originally overbooked myself with four stops for the day, I did manage to make two of them.  Including a wonderful visit with my aunt and uncle in orange county and a much needed connection with my friend in the Palisades who I “heard” have an accident yesterday.  I had to reschedule a finalization meeting of the motivation experiment with joie de vivre friend and I missed another friend’s party tonight.  Again with the over scheduling.  Someday I’ll figure it out.

Driving home I realize I have completely forgotten about my daily report.  This is a first in 41 days.  I panic I won’t get home before midnight to officially get it in.  I consider trying to do it on my iPhone while driving.  Not a good idea.  It’s in this moment I realize how important it is to me to keep my word…if to no one else but myself.  Luckily, the traffic gods are with me and here I am…reporting, creating from what I have…a good day away.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…a day away.

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