Day 56: Signs

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Day 56:  Signs

Day 56.  I wake up to an email with the subject, “weird”.  It’s from my partner who has been on a shoot in Maryland for the last couple of weeks.  He comes down to the lobby of his hotel this morning to find there’s a convention going on.  The convention just happens to be for students who run college EMS organizations all around the country.  Turns out a couple of the teenagers that were in the organization, Darien EMS, Post 53, at the time that we followed it for our documentary are now college students and actually there at this convention.    How incredibly random is that?  What an incredibly small world.  Wow.  I’m blown away.  To me this isn’t weird, it’s a sign!  One of my best friends always looks for signs–and got me looking for signs years ago–signs that will lead the way, tell her she’s on the right track, that she’s making the right decision.  Well, I just got a big, in your face sign.  We must keep going. We’re on the right track.  And, my partner perfectly summed up what the sign is telling us with his email’s last sentence, “We’ve got to finish this fucking thing.”  Amen.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…and look for signs.

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