Day 61: A Mixed Bag

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Day 61:  A Mixed Bag

Day 61.  “Oh, Dan.  I’m so sorry.  Our best to you and your family,” my partner writes in an email to Dan the Amazing Editor Man last night.  He had just let us know that if we don’t hear from him for a few days it’s because of the impending loss of his mother.  My heart flinches, my stomach knots, tears well.  Dan the Amazing Editor Man is barely 30.  He is one of the nicest kids I’ve ever met.  Yes, you get to call anyone under 40 a “kid” if you’re over 40.  Apparently his mom has been battling an illness for years.  I can’t imagine that that helps Dan the Amazing Editor Man or his family.  I think it might even make it harder.  When someone seems to beat the odds for a long time, I tend to believe they’ll always beat them.  But, death, like Vegas, eventually comes out the winner in the end.

This news wasn’t the ending to the day I was hoping for yesterday and when I sat down to write just now, it wasn’t what I was hoping would be the first thing that came to mind…but it was.  And here I am, a mixed bag of happy and sad, beginnings and endings, life and death.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…a mixed bag.

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