Day 68: Acting in and on a Dream

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Day 68:  Acting in and on a Dream

Day 68.  I just now put my declared dream in my mailbox for the mailman to pick up today!  Not sure what the hesitation was about.  Perhaps that it seems silly to mail it to my PO box which is basically like mailing it to myself?  Although true, no, that’s not why I hesitated.  Putting it in the mail is like saying, “yes, this is a serious dream I’m going to make come true.”  It makes it official.  It makes it real.  It makes it something to actually act on.  Action is on my mind today.  Taking it, avoiding it, fearing it.  I’m in the middle of memorizing lines for a film I’m “acting” in next week and I’ve had two nights in a row of anxiety dreams.

Mailing a dream

The first one I was on a movie set on a sand barge in the middle of a pond and I wasn’t sure exactly what the film was about and I couldn’t find my wardrobe or remember my lines.  I was running around freaking out when I was told I would be playing an old man in the movie within the dream.  I then couldn’t get my wig on correctly and the hair and make-up woman began chopping off my real hair to make it easier.  Last night, I was in a Broadway play with my best friend from NYC and Dame Judi Dench was directing.  In my hands I had pages and pages of the play that contained my lines but I couldn’t make them out.  No matter what I did I couldn’t read them nor remember what they were.  My best friend had told me to call her when it was time for her to go on.  I’m not sure where she was or why she wasn’t there but I had agreed.  She was in the opening scene in the play and when Dame Judi said to get ready to run the scene, I could NOT find my phone and once I did, I couldn’t make it work to call her!  Reminds me of the Zombie dream from Day 38:  Dreams.  Somehow, my best friend appeared in the scene as a holograph and pulled it off.  I was quite impressed—a brief reprieve from the sheer panic and horror of not knowing my lines and I was up.  Long story short, Dame Judi was very angry with me and although she never raised her voice, she was terrifying.  I woke up in a cold sweat.

I’m not sure what any of this means other than I’m afraid of Dame Judi Dench, I’m nervous about mailing a dream and I need to memorize my damn lines.  Which, is on my list to do right after I finish this and my taxes—yep, they’re still not done.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…the power to act in and on our dreams.

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