Day 76: More fun

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Day 76:  More fun

Day 76.  I only had one scene this morning–the funeral scene.  After that, I was able to relax and blend into being a part of the crew and help out.  The writer, producer, director, lead actor, John David Hartfield, had an intense scene today.  All I’ll say is I, along with several other people from the crew, watched the performance on the monitor and we were all in tears by the end of the take.  He was brilliant.  Really amazing.

Tomorrow is day three.  I have one more scene to shoot in the morning.  It’s not as weepy but it’s emotionally charged, like the whole film.  I’m a broken record but I just can’t wait.  Making movies is so much fun especially when you care about the content and the subject matter.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…more fun.

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