Day 87: Crusade Continues

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Day 87:  Crusade Continues

Day 87.  It’s day two of my ten-week crusade to get through all my editing on the doc.  Yesterday was almost a success but I didn’t quite finish scene 12 even after a 10-hour editing day.  It’s like four scenes rolled into one and I’m doing full string outs of each one just so Dan the Amazing Editor Man will know what all is in each scene.  Oh, we just heard from him yesterday.  He’s back in action.  Yippee!  I’m not alone anymore.  He’s full time on a show right now but will be back on the doc on nights and weekends.  For the average person this wouldn’t necessarily yield much productivity but I don’t call him “amazing” for nothing.  He’s a really fast (but good) editor and I think he’ll still move things along quickly.  Which is the goal–now officially known as the 10-week crusade.

I heard from Screenwriter Monica this morning.  I emailed her to see how she’s feeling about the script and working with Director Brenda.  She said, “Brenda is great,” and they met while I was away in Ohio.   She’s working on a new outline for the rewrite and hopes to have it done by the end of this week.  Movement.

Screenwriter Cindy has been given an extension on her deadline.  It’s not so much because she couldn’t have a draft done by her original delivery date but simply because I really want her to have the time to sit with her first words on paper draft for a couple weeks and then go back to it, take another pass and actually turn it into a first draft.  Shaking things up a little people!  This isn’t a factory.  Every project is going to unfold in its own unique fashion.  As long as they unfold in some fashion, I’ll be happy.

I have a director in mind for Screenwriter Cindy’s project.  I haven’t mentioned it to her yet because I want to have an actual script first.  Granted, I’ve also only seen the poster of this director’s first film.  But, the poster is awesome—isn’t it all about marketing in the end anyway?  I’m kidding…kind of.  The genre is dark comedy, which is what Screenwriter Cindy is going for.  Joie de vivre friend highly recommends her and suggested for me to consider her for one of the experiments a while ago.  I was actually already thinking of her.  I’ve always liked her.  She’s creative, talented and funny.  I’m not going to lie, I prefer working with people I like.  And I just have a feeling.  But, who knows how it will all play out?  We’ll see.  If it’s a match it will become clear that it’s a match.

Juice and blend!

This week has been all about thinking outside the box inside the box and creating from what I have.  And what I have to create from is a directive to only have liquids and soft foods for like the next 10 years.  Well, only two to three months.  I’ve gotten very creative with milk.  Milk and peanut butter blended together is quite delish.  I’ve made strawberry milk, chocolate milk, almond butter and peach rice milk and every version of a green juice you can imagine.  I’m starting to add in some soft foods now.  I had some scrambled eggs.  They never tasted so good!  I look forward to getting super creative with my blender and Jack LaLane juicer over the coming weeks.  But, it’s only been a week and I really miss chewing.  Deep sigh.  Well, on the bright side, I’ll have chewing to look forward to in just 10-11 more weeks.  How interesting?  That almost perfectly coincides with my crusade.  It’s a sign!  But a sign of what?  Perhaps it’s the editing that is going to see me through my non-chewing, liquid filled months.  Or maybe it’s my liquid and soft foods diet that is going to see me through the editing.  Either way, despite that a two-three month sentence sans chewing feels like 10 years away right now, the reality is the next 10-12 weeks are going to pass in a flash just like the previous 86 days of this New Year already have.  I’d better get on it.  Time to blend me up some breakfast, fire up the Avid and get back to crusading!

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…a crusade for your creativity.

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