Day 91: Love Celebration!

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Day 91:  Love Celebration!

Day 91.  Gotta make this a short report.  Good day with Scene 15.  Still quite a bit to do on it but I should be able to finish it off tomorrow.  Although, I’m tentatively meeting with Director Brenda and Screenwriter Monica in Santa Monica at 5pm which makes me wonder how I’m going to get my Script Frenzy work in which starts tomorrow as well.  Not going to worry about it because right now I’ve got to shut down the Avid, clean myself up and head out to a wedding reception for two incredibly amazing women; Joie de vivre and Beautiful Bride.  I’m still a tad wonky from the oral surgery but I simply can’t miss this celebration of love and get a glimpse of the heaven on earth these two share.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…a love celebration.

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