Day 102: Progress

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Day 102:  Progress

Day 102.  Scene 19 and 20—DONE!  I don’t have to do scene 21 because my partner did a cut of that scene awhile back.  So, scene 22 is up next.  I got my footage organized and my interview bites all prepped and ready to go before I shut the Avid down a bit ago.  My plan is to tackle scene 22 tomorrow.  If I can finish it by Friday then I can take the entire weekend to write on my script.  11 days are already up of the 30-day challenge for Script Frenzy and I’m very behind on my pages!  I hope to make up for it by writing like a mad woman all weekend—if scene 22 is done that is.  Priorities have been set—the script challenge takes a back seat to the crusade.  Hello, I didn’t call it a crusade for nothin’.  So, we’ll see how it goes.  I’m just super happy to be making progress and to have gotten back on track with my schedule for the crusade.  Now I just have to keep it up and stay consistent and maintain my schedule and pace.  The latter is not my strong suit.  I’ve never been a good maintainer.  The word “maintain” in general is just a buzz kill for me.  It feels static, frozen, heavy.  The idea of maintaining anything makes my eyes glaze over and my limbs go numb.  Maintenance feels like work.  I tend to be moving forward or sliding back.  Gaining or losing.  Progressing or regressing.  I’d rather be on the cabbage soup diet or binging like a bulimic—minus the vomiting…I don’t throw up easily or often—than maintaining normal eating habits.  I know, not good, not proud.  I need to work on that.  It’s just I don’t like to feel like I’m staying in the same place even though I probably am the majority of the time.  Thus the mind and number games.  The weekly, monthly, yearly challenges and experiments are me simply keeping things lively and me “feeling” like I’m not maintaining I’m in motion by any means necessary.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have….and maintain your schedule and pace by any means necessary—except violence.  Not a fan of it.

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