Day 106. Writing Weekend

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Day 106.  Writing Weekend

Day 106. Turns out things went as originally planned: I finished scene 22, went to my friend’s memorial and then I took the weekend away from the editing and wrote all day, both Saturday and today. It was lovely! I have missed writing—really writing—well, I guess I’ve been “writing” everyday since the new-year launch but screenwriting is really my first love. And I haven’t been doing it much at all lately. This weekend was the first two full days working on my screenplay I’ve done in a long time. Now, the big question is, what’s going to happen in the morning? Will I slide right back onto my roll? I hope so! I have 18 scenes to go and seven weeks left in my 10-week crusade. Scene 23 is up next. Right now, I feel kind of excited to get back to editing. We’ll see how I feel in the morning.  On a global note, I’m a bit concerned because Dan the Amazing Editor Man hasn’t sent any new rough cut scenes back in quite awhile.  I’m getting quite far ahead of him.  It was my hope that he would only be three scenes behind me at all time.  At this point, he’s 12 scenes behind me.  Oy.  I’ve already planted the seed in my partner’s head that we need to engage more editors to be taking these bins I’m prepping and turning them into true rough cuts, otherwise, we’re not going to have our 10 hour rough cut for like another year.  That cannot happen.  I repeat, that cannot happen!  But, I get ahead of myself.  I’m trying to just stay focused on the immediate task at hand.  And that is scene 23 starting in the morning.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…the immediate task at hand.

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