Day 107: Bumpy Transition

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Day 107:  Bumpy Transition

Day 107.  It was super easy slipping from the editing to the writing this past weekend.  Going from the writing to the editing this morning, not so smooth.  In fact, it was super bumpy to the point of painful.  For starters, I couldn’t stop myself from writing for about two hours first thing because I woke up from dreaming about a scene in the script.  Then, when I went to fire up the Avid, I was immediately hungry.  Freakishly hungry even though I’d already had a big breakfast.  So, I had to spend the next hour cooking and eating more food.  Hmmmmm, I believe I have a little something called Avoid It Through Food  Syndrome.  Sounds like a non-profit.  Well, despite or perhaps because of the amount of food consumed throughout the day, I ended up rallying and almost finishing scene 23.  Which, I’m not gonna lie, I’m thrilled about.  But, I said it back on Day 33 and I was not kidding, I do not whistle while I work, I eat while I edit.  Sheesh.  How much weight is it physically possible to gain in seven weeks?  Which is what I have left on my crusade and my editing career.  Buh-bye skinny jeans—hello completion!  17 scenes to go.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…and don’t avoid it by eating—unless it’s not really avoiding it’s helping you make you’re deadline or complete your crusade.

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