Day 109: Writers, glorious writers!

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Day 109: Writers, glorious writers!

Day 109.  Screenwriter Cindy is on page 93!  She delivers her first draft on May 6th.  So freakin’ exciting!  It’s gonna be a fun one.  Screenwriter Monica is in South America but she locked her revised beat sheet with the director before she left and she’s going to start pages for the rewrite when she returns.  I’m on page 55 of my script.  I’m hoping to make it to 80 pages by the end of Script Frenzy on the 30th of this month.  That’s ambitious considering the crusade.  So, we’ll see.  My balance flew out the window this morning when I did nothing but work on the doc all day.  My plan is to finish editing and prepping scene 24 tomorrow, start on scene 25 and, fingers crossed, finish scene 25 on Friday and then I can write all weekend again.  That would be glorious.  We’ll see.  Scene 24 is being pesky.  I had about four hours worth of interview selects I had to do in the middle of working on it today but, the work had to be done eventually so I’m glad I went ahead and got it done.  There’s so much more where that came from.  If I dwell on it for too long I begin to cry.  And I don’t want to cry.  Talking with Screenwriter Cindy earlier has me too amped!  She told me she wants to stay involved after she locks the script.  After I jokingly screamed, “no writers on the set,” I said, “are you kidding me?  I expect so much more from you than just writing the script.  When I introduce you on set it will be, this is Cindy, the screenwriter and the craft service guru, the prop master, the grip, the gaffer, the AC, the 1st and 2nd AD, the script supervisor, the location manager and scout, legal council, production accountant, concierge, wardrobe, on set therapist, astrologist and the steadicam operator.”  Yes, I have high expectations of all of my writers.  It was determined in my last meeting with Screenwriter Monica and Director Brenda that if we can’t pull off Screenwriter Monica’s script for the 50 bucks I have to make it, she’ll just read it to the camera playing all the characters with hand puppets.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…high expectations.

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  1. Gotta love the writers!! Thanks for the inspiration, Kelli. Oh, BTW, I also want to play the 3rd Party Goer on the right… Can’t wait!

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