Day 111: It’s getting hot in here!

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Day 111:  It’s getting hot in here!

Day 111.  I struggle to make selects from Cecillia’s second interview.  My fingers stumble around the keys making missteps left and right.  My productivity is at an all time, clunky low.  My head hurts.  I peel off my shirt and get down to my tank top and boxers.  I start itching the inside of my right arm.  I look down and see heat hives.  “Holy shit” I think, “it’s freakin’ hot in here!”  It maxed out at 95 degrees outside up at my house today.  The Avid already heats up the room I’m working in so I had to break down and turn on the air conditioner.  Seemed a little early to have the air conditioner on but I couldn’t take it anymore.  My productivity was at a snail’s pace and I had to turn on the air before I keeled over.  Once I cooled down, I managed to finish scene 24’s bin and start on scene 25.  I did not, however, get scene 25 done as I’d hoped.  Which means I’ll be editing this weekend.  I’d like to find that nice balance I had at the beginning of the week and sneak a little writing in as well.  But I’m not terribly optimistic about balance’s chances.  Scene 25 is a nightmare.  Ultimately it’s five different scenes in one so that means five different string outs plus an interview string out plus all the other prep work for the script and the footage bin.  No matter how loud I’m groaning in despair about that reality, I can’t drop the ball on finishing scene 25 before this week is up because then I’ll be behind on the crusade.  I don’t want to get behind on the crusade because, well, it’s a crusade.  I’m more than likely going to need all day both days of the weekend.  Hopefully, I’ll get on a hot streak tomorrow and miraculously get it all done super fast.  Gotta love wishful thinking.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…wishful thinking.

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