Day 113: Not a word

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Day 113:  Not a word

Day 113.  I didn’t write one word on my script this weekend—not one word.  But Screenwriter Cindy did on hers.  She finished her first draft!  So exciting.   Screenwriter Cindy doesn’t officially turn in her first draft until May 6th.  She’s taking the next couple weeks to sit with it and do another pass before she turns it into me.  I can’t wait to read it!  And although I didn’t manage to write one word on my screenplay, I did, at least, finally finish scene 25.  It was painful and I almost headed to Vegas several times, but I muscled my way through it.  The crusade continues.  Next week:  scenes 26 through 28.  Oh, and I got an email this morning from my partner that Dan the Amazing Editor Man is “back on the grid.”  I don’t know what, exactly, this means but I’m hoping he finished another scene.  Regardless, I took it as good news and a good sign that things are moving in the right direction:  forward.

So, despite the fact that I personally had no balance between my writing and my editing this weekend—scene 25 almost killed me—all in all, there was some movement.  Things are happening.  Things are getting done.  Not everything and not very fast, but that’s okay, every little step forward counts.  And that’s all we can do, right?  Keep moving forward.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…forward motion.

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