Day 117: Behind

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Day 117:  Behind

Day 117.  I am behind in my editing work for the crusade!  I’m not even going to mention my Script Frenzy goal because it’s completely out the window.  I’m thrilled to have gotten to page 55 but I have no idea how I’m going to get to page 80 before midnight on April 30th.  Oh well.   Reunions, bliss, doctors, dreams, Mad Men—all got in the way.  And they were worth it!  But, there’s still too much going on, too many things to do, too many phone calls, too much desire to do nothing and just be with my long lost man.  Although he’s back to shooting again so he’s soon going to be no longer an excuse starting tomorrow.  I know, I know, enough with the excuses already.  Daily morning reminder number 10:  Make no excuses.  I did manage to almost finish scene 26 today—yes, I said almost.  Scene 26 is only the first of three scenes for this week and this week is already almost over.  Scene 27 shouldn’t be too bad but scene 28 is going to be a bear.  It’s got four multiple hour events that I’ll need to do string outs for.  I realize there’s no going back in time to do things differently and not get behind but what exactly am I supposed to do once I am behind?  UGH.  The old saying is right, “you can’t cry over spilt milk.”  And that’s what I’m doing.  Remember your daily morning reminder number 29?  Don’t complain.  Right.  Okay.  I’m behind.  Whatev.  Get over it, Kel.  Okay.  Fine.  Time to move on, dial back in my focus and do better tomorrow.  How do I catch up?  No clue.  I’m not even sure I can catch up this week.  But, I’m going to try.  According to one of my fav books, Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, “interruption is the enemy of productivity.”  I have to get in what they call the “alone zone.”  “Long stretches of time alone are when you’re the most productive.”  Makes sense to me.  I’ve been alone for the last five weeks and I’ve kicked ass on my work.  Time to go to the desert and edit like a madwoman!

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…too much to do.

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