Day 92: Full

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Day 92:  Full

Day 92.  The list is long of things to accomplish under self-imposed and Script Frenzy imposed deadlines today.

The editing crusade is working so far.  I just finished scene 15.  That completes the three scenes for the week I had set my sights on finishing.  That feels good.  Next week, I’m on to week two of the 10-week crusade.  The goal is to complete scenes 17, 18 and 19.

Now, I’m going to crack open my screenplay for the year-long experiment in prolific creativity that I’m to finish during the next 30 days under the motivation and support of Script Frenzy.  A writing buddy has already written her three pages for the day even though she’s ridiculously and insanely busy!  She amazes and inspires me!  I’ve got to get on it because I have to leave for Santa Monica in a couple hours to meet with Screenwriter Monica and Director Brenda to nail down the revised beat sheet so Screenwriter Monica can do a rewrite and I can finally make one of these damn movies!

It’s a full day.  Fun, fun.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…and fill your day.

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