Day 99: Why am I awake?

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Day 99:  Why am I awake?

Day 99.  I’m not quite sure.  Why I’m awake.  It slipped over to Day 99 and instead of crawling into bed, I suddenly have the urge to examine the question—because I’m not sleepy at all.  I’m normally a morning person—a really early morning person.  As in, I am often up before the chickens at like 5am.  Somehow my normal has been turned upside down and I’m awake past midnight and I’ve been sleeping in until between 7:30 and 8:30am every morning for the last couple of weeks.  What I’ve been finding is I’m super tired but the minute my head hits the pillow my mind wakes up.  I can’t shut off my brain.  I go over what I need to do the next morning, I see scenes play out, I fantasize about how awesome it’s going to feel to finish the documentary.  Muy loco.  It’s bugging me though.  Especially as the days get longer and the sun rises earlier.  I love being up with the sun.  There’s something so incredible about being on the same cycle as Wikipedia calls, “the most prominent feature of the solar system.”  When the days get ridiculously hot in the late summer, it’s so awesome to get the morning walk in before it’s 90 degrees out.  What I’m going to have to do is set my alarm and force myself to get my ass out of bed super early and be toast all day and then go to sleep super early.  The only problem with this sleep-training program is the day being “toast”—in other words, I’m not productive if I don’t sleep.  I’m a zombie.  And it’s not an option to be a zombie tomorrow—er, well, I mean today—there’s too much to do.  I’ll just have to roll with this change in my sleep schedule until I have a day I can be toast through.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…changing sleep schedules.

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