Day 126: Potential Director Alert!

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Day 126:  Potential Director Alert!

Day 126.  I’m going to a screening of a friend’s film short tonight.  This is the friend Joie de vivre suggested I should consider as a director for one of the projects.  I think I mentioned this somewhere in my post on Day 87?  If anyone has forgotten my ridiculously high expectations around the directors I bring onto this yearlong experiment in prolific creativity, you can review them by reading Day 54: But what I really want to do is direct!  I’m really looking forward to seeing her film.  But there’s much to do before I can leave the house.

I finished scene 34 yesterday so scene 35 is up next.  It should be super simple because it’s really just a transition bridge not a full scene.  But still, it will take hours so I need to go get it started.  I also need to do the paperwork for my breakfast meeting tomorrow morning with Screenwriter Cindy.  She finished her first draft!  She was actually successful with Script Frenzy.  She’s a rock star.  She officially “delivers it” tomorrow morning, although, like Screenwriter Monica, with modern technology and electronic mail, she has already sent me the file.  This is another reason I’m now seriously on the hunt for another director.  I need to find a match for the second film project!  So exciting.

The First Draft of the 2nd Project has arrived!

Besides making time to shower before the screening tonight, which I’m sure will be much appreciated by whomever I end up sitting next to, I’m also supposed to carve out time to read Screenwriter Cindy’s first draft—ideally, before I leave tonight but at the very least, before I see her in the morning to make it official and celebrate.  I can’t wait to read it but the hours are ticking away in the day already.  UGH!  Jeeeeeez.  Slow down, day!  Or, I just need to pick up my damn pace.  I’m not very speedy so far this morning.  It’s like I’m in one of those dreams where you’re moving in slow motion, like you’re under water.

Under water or not, I’m kicking it into high gear right now!  I’ve made a list—you know I love my lists—and I’m ready to get my ass going.  I can check off, “drink 16 ounces of water,” “write my daily report,” and “email Aunt Wanda and Uncle Fred.”  Okay.  What’s next?  Oh right, edit scene 35.  Crusade.  Deadline.  Read first draft.  Shower.  Okay.  Fine.  I’m going.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…modern technology and lists—and resistance to both.

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