Day 127: Double Good News

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Day 127:  Double Good News

Day 127.  First of all, I am thrilled that the mutual friend that Joie de vivre suggested I consider for one of the experiments does not suck, nor does her film.  In fact, her film is really great!  It is dark yet hilarious.  It made me laugh and it made me think and it looked awesome—and I did not imbibe last night when I saw it so this isn’t margarita goggles talking.  She is seriously talented and you’ll know her name soon enough but you heard it from me first:  Denise Plumb!  You can check out more info on her, her film and her company here:

But enough about her, back to me—the really good news is I believe she might have the perfect sensibility for my second project in the experiment!  I’m really excited to discuss it with her and see if she is game to read the script.

And that brings me to the next good news…the second script.  Although she ignored the majority of the rules I laid out for the experiment—well, she did ditch the island setting after she read my post from Day 32:  Islands and Elephants—Screenwriter Cindy really knocked her first draft out of the park.  I’m super excited.  I refuse to focus on the minor detail that it’s 112 pages instead of 80.  Or that it has like 33 characters in it instead of 3.  Or that it has a herd of kindergarten kids running around in it.  Whatev.  It’s a page turner.  We’ll tame and trim in the rewrite.

And now, I must go finish editing scene 36.  I’ve been neglecting it all day.  But no more!  It’s almost 10pm and there will be no sleep for me until it’s done because tomorrow I have to do scene 37.  The crusade clock is ticking.  I have seven scenes left to prep for Dan the Amazing Editor man and seven days before I leave the country.  1-2-3-4—Break!

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…talented friends!

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