Day 144: More Dreams

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Day 144:  More Dreams

Day 144.  I wake up at 3:18am, a little after 11am Dublin/London time—the time I usually woke up on my trip.  Can you say early schedule?  It’s a little insane and I’m sure I’ll slowly shift to a more reasonable hour as I acclimate back to LA time, but right now, I love it.  I can’t see anything out the bedroom French doors.  The day is a black canvas at this point—anything is possible.  I lie still, listening.  The window is open.  The hum of the next-door neighbor’s air conditioner kicks on.  I hear birds start to softly chirp.  I’m not the only one awake.  Uh-mazing Romantic Partner’s breath is even and deep.  I wonder what he’s dreaming?

I dreamt that I stopped by to see a friend of mine from New York City who, in the dream, was working at the Post Office.  In real life he’s an actor, writer and filmmaker not a postal worker.  He had received this interesting, unmarked package.  He couldn’t resist.  He opened it.  Inside was a lemon colored pudding sprinkled with sugar.  I dip a finger in, collect a bit of the white granules and taste it.  I know instantly that it’s not sugar.  It’s cocaine.  I look at my friend.  His eyes are blood shot, he’s wired, and he can’t stop fidgeting.  It dawns on me he’s eaten some of the pudding from the package.  That’s when my friend’s supervisor calls him into his office.  My friend gets fired.

How seemingly random?  But when I think about it, I know where all the elements came from.  First, I remember noticing this friend had “liked” a couple pictures on my timeline last night and the cocaine reference had to of come from a Facebook post I did earlier in the day, “Crazy energy this morning–not from coffee or cocaine, just excited for the day and loving the adventure.”  The connection to the post office is because I went to my PO Box yesterday afternoon.  My brain put them all together and that’s the dream it came up with.  So wild.

Two more dreams!

After reviewing my dream during the recent slumber, I think of what was in the PO Box:  TWO NEW DREAMS!  Just the thought of them gets me so excited there’s no hope for any more sleep.  It’s almost 4am.  I slip out of bed as quietly as I can, pad to my office and look at the latest dreams to arrive.  They’re fun.  They’re beautiful.  They’re achievable.  I get emotional again.  I started crying when I saw them in the PO Box.  The first new dreams arrived on Day 116.  It was a monumental moment.  I was overwhelmed then and I still am by how special and sacred it is to receive people’s dreams—to hold them in my hands, to be witness to them, and to be an unconditional believer that they can come true.

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Until tomorrow, create from what you have…more dreams.


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