Day 149: Sleep and Giving Thanks

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Day 149:  Sleep and Giving Thanks

Day 149.  I just woke up from a delightful 10 hours of slumber.  I did another, “go back to sleep,” to myself at 4am.  Thank god.  Feels good.  Needed it.

I dreamt of a plane crash.  We were stranded in a body of water, and somehow, we managed to fly out from under it and land on an island.  No, I didn’t recently watch Lost.  All I could think when I was safely out of the plane and on dry land was how happy and lucky I felt to be alive.

Reminds me of the significance of Memorial Day today.  How lucky am I that I can live safely and comfortably here in America?  I give thanks for all the service men and women, past and present, alive and fallen, who make that possible.  And, I’m thinking of you, Grandpa.  I’m so thankful that you were lucky enough to come back alive.  You were the best grandpa ever!  And Uncle Keith, I wish you had of made it out of Korea to come home to have a life.  It breaks my heart to think of you dying at only 19—before you ever had a chance to live.  But you fought and died for something you believed in—your country.  I am so proud to come from such amazing, brave and honorable men.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…freedom.

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