Day 158: The More Mentors the Merrier!

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Day 158:  The More Mentors the Merrier!

Day 158.  I’m an extra lucky woman today.  And not just for the obvious reasons of health, Uh-mazing Romantic Partner, fabulous family, friends and food in the fridge.  I’m extra lucky because an awesome mentor has just mentored me!  That almost sounds dirty, doesn’t it?  I like it!  To be clear, I’m not talking about my Women in Film mentor.  I’m still working to schedule a meeting with her, which I’m super excited about.  She seems amazing.  I got to briefly meet her associate on May 29th because they invited me to the US premiere of Snow White and The Huntsman.  Super cool.  But I’m off track.  The mentor I met with this morning unexpectedly came from a dear friend who, when I was picking her brain about my projects said, “You should talk to my producer friend about that.”  And voilà, she connected us.  Thank you, Dear Friend!  Your producer friend is now Unexpected Awesome Mentor to me.

Unexpected Awesome Mentor was incredibly kind.  She did not laugh me out of the restaurant when I told her what I was up to with my ten-dollar film projects—this woman produces big movies with movie stars and millions of dollars.  She was incredibly generous with her time—I had a long list of questions she graciously and patiently answered.  She gently guided me to stop saying a couple stupid things that make me sound like a total rookie—which I am but the goal is not to ever come across as one.  She opened my mind and expanded my thinking.  She was an absolute bonanza of invaluable and illuminating knowledge, guidance and advice, plus she had tons of fun stories about the real world of producing real movies!

Shoe connection!

I walked away from the meeting on cloud nine.  Motivated, inspired, excited and clear.  Oh how I love me some clarity.  It was the perfect shot in the arm I needed to move things forward with all my projects.  And I had no idea I would be connecting with this person!  What a gift! Oh, and speaking of random connecting, which as I mentioned yesterday is the theme for the month, I pull into the parking lot of the restaurant I’m meeting Unexpected Awesome Mentor at and a wonderful actress friend of mine, Ferrell Marshall, just happens to be standing right out front talking to another wonderful actress, Judy Nazemetz!  So perfect and fun!  I received beautiful smiles and hugs from these lovely ladies right before my meeting.  I recently saw these gals perform at The Lex theatre in a play called The Beauty Queen of Leenane.  They were brilliant in it.  If you ever get a chance to see these two women perform, cast them in your projects or be graced by their talented presences in any way, DO IT!  There was also a shoe connection today.  Ferrell, Judy and I had on the same type of sneakers.  It’s a sign!  Connection is everywhere!

As I said way back on Day 6:  Who needs directions, “Everything and everyone I encounter on this journey will be some form of mentor, teacher, guide, or advisor.”  How true this continues to be!

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…unexpected awesome mentors and random shoe connections.

Kelli Joan Bennett is a filmmaker, actress, writer, entrepreneur, advocate for creative thinking and Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Think Outside The Box Inside The Box Media.

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