Day 159: Dreams in Disguise

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Day 159:  Dreams in Disguise

Day 159.  I drive home from a lunch meeting, tired and sweaty.  It’s hot out.  A preview of what’s to come later in the summer.  It is days like these I can’t believe I haven’t gotten a new vehicle that has air conditioning.  Despite the heat I endure three months out of the year, I resist.  I do love my old red truck so.  Besides its sentimental value, its low upkeep is right in alignment with my pocketbook.  “One of these days I’ll get a new one,” I mumble.  Of course, I’ve been saying that for the last ten years.  But really, seriously, I’m not kidding, one of these days.

I want to drive straight home and get in the air conditioned house but our lack of toothpaste forces me into a Walgreens.  I am seriously out.  I’ve gone through every sample size I could dig up.  I got so desperate I cut “empty” tubes in half.  You really can get another few days out of them if you do this.  Cost saving tip for the day.  I grab a few extra supplies:  automatic dishwasher detergent, Dove sensitive skin soap and some dental floss.  Yes, me, my teeth and the dishes are dirty.  Don’t judge me.  I’ve been crazy busy.  At the check out stand, the guy cheerily asks me if I’d like to buy a plastic bag for ten cents.  I give him a look.  He quickly informs me, “Plastic bags are banned from this area.”  “Vons and Ralph’s just down the street didn’t get the memo,” I inform him.  He then proceeds to give me a tutorial on the city lines where the law is in effect.  All I can think is if they’re banned, then why can I buy one for ten cents?  Whatever.  I need to brush my teeth and shower.  I pay, throw my shit in my purse and carry the detergent to my truck.  I don’t need no stinkin’ plastic bag!

Cost saving tip of the day!

I really want to get home to that air conditioning.  And perhaps a nice sliced up gala apple with a cup of chamomile tea.  That sounds lovely.  I’m only about a half a mile from home.  When I approach the stoplight to turn towards the house, it dawns on me I haven’t gone to the PO Box since right after I got back from Europe.  I’m momentarily torn.  But I pass my street and head towards the post office.  I know if there are any dreams in the box, it’ll put my sweaty ass in a much better mood.  Guess what?  I’m really happy!  Two new dreams were lying in wait for me.  Less heart pounding and more just super excited, “can’t read them fast enough,” this time.  Oh what pure joy these dreams bring me!

These new arrivals remind me that dreams can come in all shapes, sizes and forms.  What I especially love about these two new dreams is how they’re basically dreams in disguise.  These dreams are simple declarations of how these people want to adjust their current lives by incorporating more of the things they love in their daily routines.  Grandiose?  No.  Attainable?  Yes.  A dream?  Absolutely!  And that’s why I think they’re just fantastic!  They want to make their daily lives exactly the way they want them to be—filled with what will make them lead happier, more fulfilled lives.  Sounds simple but it’s actually quite a beautiful dream.

I say a prayer that these two new dreamers’ dreams come true!  I feel blessed to have collected these dreams and to make them a part of our growing dream collective.  You can see the new dreams on the See A Dream page:

To learn more about the Declare Your Dream Experimental Motivation Project visit or go to the Declare Your Dream Experimental Motivational Project page.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…a dream that might be in disguise.

Kelli Joan Bennett is a filmmaker, actress, writer, entrepreneur, advocate for creative thinking and Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Think Outside The Box Inside The Box Media.

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