Day 160: Time to get creative!

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Day 160:  Time to get creative!

Day 160.  Over tea with Dear Friend this morning, it dawns on me there’s nothing else to do right now but creative work in the form of script development and writing.  Well, of course, there are tons of other things I could do for my new venture but the creative work is the priority right now.  Why?  Because I want to make a freakin’ movie!  I’m supposed to make three freakin’ movies!  This year.  Sheesh.  Thus, this creative work is what has to get done before I can move forward with any of the film projects.

I met with Screenwriter Monica and Director Brenda this afternoon to check in on that project.  Screenwriter Monica feels good about the revised outline she’s working on and we set a deadline for her to deliver that in 10 days.  I have a notes meeting with Screenwriter Cindy to give her notes a week from Saturday.  I’m about half way through preparing those.  And, of course, my Writing Crusade continues.  I need to finish my screenplay!

Clear week to create!

Dear Friend and I were discussing how truly being in a creative mode takes slowing down and time—at least for us.  Short spurts of creative inspiration can be had in the shower or over morning coffee or in between meetings but to really create and to complete a creation, we need long chunks of quiet time.  The Writing Crusade did not fair so well this week for that very reason.  I made some nice headway with my male character and I did write a couple pages but I failed miserably in my daily page count.  But I have not been slow at all this week.  In fact, I’ve been the opposite of slow.  I’ve been frenetic and in constant motion.  I’ve been in connecting mode.  And I’ve gotta say, I’ve connected like crazy this week.  But now, it’s time to slow down, stop connecting and start creating.

There is nothing booked on my calendar Monday through Friday next week.  I plan to keep it that way.  I need to write my ass off in order to catch up on the Writing Crusade and I need to finish my notes for Screenwriter Cindy’s script.  It’s time to get creative!

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…the ability to slow down and get creative.

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