Day 169: My Two Dads

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Day 169:  My Two Dads

Day 169.  No, this isn’t the title of a progressive, gay sitcom.  I’m just blessed with two dads.  One in Missouri, without whose swimmers I wouldn’t be here and for whom I’m so thankful for and who I adore and love dearly.  And I have another one in California, my California Dad—Uncle Fred.  Just like my Aunt Wanda, Uncle Fred became my Dad-on-the-spot whenever I needed any dad duties taken care of—oil changes, mufflers falling off, windshield wipers gone crazy, gas money, fun times and tons of love and guidance.  Ditto on the adore and love dearly for the second one.  I got to have breakfast with CA Dad and then I got to have a nice, long phone call with MO Dad after.  Yes, I’m a lucky girl.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…fathers and father figures.

Me and Daddy at my High School Graduation

Me and Uncle Fred at Bill & Lisa's Wedding

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