Day 182: Do I have a problem?

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Day 182:  Do I have a problem?

Day 182.  As anyone reading my daily reports lately knows, I am new to, and, newly addicted to Twitter.  I can’t shut up about it.  It’s driving me crazy.  It’s like I’m 13 and Twitter is Justin Beiber!  Facebook?  Old news.  Twitter is my Romeo now.  Oh Twitter, Twitter, where for art tho, Twitter?  Oh holy tweeting madness—it must stop!  If you’ve been reading, you’ll also know I said the exact same thing last weekend on Day 174: Twittervention.  I technically didn’t tweet but I didn’t fully let go of the connection either.  I kept following back anyone who followed me!  It seems so rude not to follow back right away.  I did the exact same thing this morning.  I got on, answered some messages, did my tweeting and then signed out.  I was strong…for about an hour.  Then I went back on and followed everyone back who had followed me!  What the…?  Does everyone fall this hard for Twitter or am I the only sucker?

Bottom line, I must be cut off because I’m neglecting the work that really matters to my company:  producing films!  From here on out, no signing on to follow back.  No going to the email account where I receive the notifications.  No checking my website’s twitter icon to see how many new followers I have.  No more!  Just typing that makes me want to sneak in one more quick look in at my @connects.  What if @mamalovesthis answered back in French?  What if @EAZE sent another one of his adorable nuggets of wisdom typed with both letters and numbers to spell out the words?  I’m sure I’ll live without knowing but do I want to?  Uh oh, I think I have a problem.  It’s time to read How to Beat a Twitter Addiction.  And then afterwards, I can share the article on Twitter!  I know, I know.  That defeats the purpose.

Okay.  Seriously.  Snapping out of it right now!  It’s time to finish my notes on Screenwriter Monica’s script, it’s time to read Playwright Shawna’s play, it’s time to get back into pages on my own script, it’s time to prepare for my meeting with my Women in Film mentor, and it’s time to break up with Twitter—at least for the weekend.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…problems.

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