Day 193: “W” is for Wednesday & Writing!

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Day 193:  “W” is for Wednesday & Writing!

Day 193.  Okay, that’s it!  I’m putting my foot down this hump day morning.  I have got to write today!  I had a really good hit on my script yesterday afternoon while I was on a walk—which reminds me of an awesome article I read recently by Christy Birmingham, “Easy Ways to Generate Ideas for your next Hub” that reminded me to keep an eye out for inspiration and ideas during exercise!  Thanks, Christy.  So today, it’s time to put my ideas into action.  After my writing crusade ended on June 22nd, I was still 20 pages short of a first draft!  Oy.  20 pages might as well be a million.  So, I won’t think about all 20 of those pages I need to write.  I’m just going to think about my little idea I had on my walk and how it fits into the script.  And you know what?  No crusades this time.  I’m going to hold off on self-imposed deadlines for now.  My goal for today is to simply crack open the script again and see how I can implement my “walk” idea.  That’s all.  No big deal.  No pressure.  Yeah right!  Who am I kidding?  Of course, I feel pressure because I missed my previous goal!  Why do I do this to myself?!?  Stepping off the ledge.  Deep breath.  Pressure is what it is and I have it right now.  So, I need to do my best to use it—to create from it.  Hello, pressure—Let’s do this!

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…pressure.

Kelli Joan Bennett is a filmmaker, actress, writer, entrepreneur, advocate for creative thinking and Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Think Outside The Box Inside The Box Media.


  1. Kelli, thank-you for the mention! I am honoured. Also pleased that my ideas worked for you – what an excellent motivator for me as well. I am so pleased we have connected and glad you are writing up a storm today!

    • I’m so glad that we have connected! I love your writing, your sensibility and your taste in music! 🙂

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