Day 196: Postcard Pick-me-up!

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Day 196:  Postcard Pick-me-up!

Day 196.  I received a voicemail today at 12:08pm from Eye Doc Sis:

“Hey, Kel, it’s Lori.  I was just going to tell you I had this patient come in today.  She goes, ‘oh I just got this little dream card, I’m so excited about filling it out!’  I’m like, ‘what?’  Then I was like, ‘oh wow,’ I go, ‘oh, that’s my sister’s big project she’s working on.’  She goes, ‘yeah, I’m really excited!’  And I was like, ‘oh, well, good!’ Gosh, that’s pretty cool, I guess people just grab those cards and some people get into it.  So, anyway, I just wanted to tell you that.  It was kinda cool!”

Kinda cool?  Kinda incredible!  Oh, how happy hearing this voicemail made me!  It actually made me as happy as finding dreams in the PO Box.  Why?  Because the Declare Your Dream Experimental Motivation Project inspired someone and we have direct, observational proof!  We have a witness!  Someone was unexpectedly motivated to think about her dreams, declare them and act on them.  Whether they fill it out doesn’t matter—the Dream Postcard has already worked its magic!  (Although, I hope they fill it out and mail it in!)

Me & Dream Advocate, Eye Doc Sis

Thank you, Eye Doc Sis, for a wonderful pick-me-up this afternoon!  More importantly, thank you for making the Dream Postcards available in your office and for being such an awesome Dream Advocate!  You rock!  While I’m at it, let me throw out a huge “thank you” to all my Dream Advocates.  Keep spreading the Dream Postcards wherever you go!  They are working!  Oh, and don’t neglect declaring your own dreams either.  Seeing a dream declared is incredibly moving and motivational.  Declare yours and mail them in to motivate yourself and motivate others.

Of course, now I’m itching to go prematurely check the PO Box before the two-week mark—luckily it’s already closed.  I’m going to try and hold out, hopefully, for another dream bonanza.  I check again next Friday.  Oh the suspense!

Until then, motivate yourself and go see the declared dreams that are already posted:

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…pick-me-ups.

Kelli Joan Bennett is a filmmaker, actress, writer, entrepreneur, advocate for creative thinking and Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Think Outside The Box Inside The Box Media.


  1. Good for you, getting that voicemail must be a real boost! I am thinking that simply starting people thinking about their dreams motivates you too! Keep up the great work Kelli

    • Thank you! And, yes! It’s ridiculously “boosting” and motivating! It’s almost a little embarrassing how much other people thinking about (& acting on and going for) their dreams motivates me. lol. Guess it also tells me I’m on my right path. 🙂

      Thank you so much for commenting, Christy!

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