Day 197: Better Retrograde Than Never

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Day 197:  Better Retrograde Than Never

Day 197.  Today is the first day of Mercury in retrograde!  Now, now.  Don’t roll your eyes at me.  Don’t click away.  Stick with me.  I’m not an astrologist and this in no way is going to be a lesson in it or even my two cents on its validity or insanity.  But I know a wonderful woman who is an astrologist, Silvia Guersenzvaig from the Esalen Institute up in Big Sur.  I try and connect with her at least once a year—yes, to hear what the stars have to say but mainly to be in her energy.  She’s an incredibly beautiful soul and I love being around her.  I think astrology has a unique lens and I’m always interested in different perspectives.  Do I live my life by the stars?  No.  But, full disclosure, I think astrology is fun!

A long time ago—I’m saying a long time ago because I honestly can’t remember exactly when she told me this astrological nugget but it stuck with me…I’ve known this woman since, I think, like 2004—I remember Silvia told me—or this is how I remember it—that Mercury in retrograde is, at its most simple level, an opportunity to complete unfinished business.  Sounds good to me!  A couple times a year, there’s a three-week period that signals I should slow down and finish shit.  Hello, how awesome is that?  When I hear people moaning and crying about their computers going haywire, plans being canceled or the doubters calling those who religiously refuse to sign contracts during this period nutter butters, I think, “Relax.  What’s all the fuss or the harm?”  I get excited when I hear “Mercury is in retrograde.”  Why?  Because in my mind, it just means I’m going to slow my pace, examine what my unfinished business is and focus on finishing it.  Of course, what comes to mind is I’ve got an unfinished screenplay I really need to finish!  Oh, it’s a sign.  Bring it, retrograde!

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…focused periods of completion.

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