Day 198: Documentary Days of Summer

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Day 198:  Documentary Days of Summer

Day 198.  Dan the Amazing Editor Man sent back four scenes!  Producing Partner has had his ass in my former seat for the last five weeks editing his butt off.  Things are moving forward on the documentary!  Woo hoo!  Apparently, Dan has two new junior editors—Josh and Tyler—helping him edit pieces.  Which is amazing but we’re still going to have to have a “come to Jesus” talk with the whole team later this week—myself and Producing Partner included.  The summer is evaporating before our eyes.  It will be over before we know it.  Well, it’ll be over in seven weeks to be exact.  We must step up our game!  I’m probably going to have to get back on the Avid—I know, I know, I thought I was done, too.  But the pace has to be drastically picked up if we’re going to reach our goal of submitting a solid rough cut to the Sundance Film Festival in September.  Instead of a scene a week, we need to have seven scenes a week reach the rough-cut stage.  It’s a huge jump.  But this film matters to me.  It matters to Producing Partner.  It matters to Dan the Amazing Editor Man.  It MUST be completed so we can share it with the world.  And, considering what I learned I was personally capable of when I finished my editing crusade right before going to Ireland, Day 131: Love What You Hate, I know ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!  As a team of five with a focused, common goal, we can make it happen.  Together we can push High School 911 to the finish line!  Go team!

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…a team.

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