Day 203: Reading’s Role

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Day 203:  Reading’s Role

Day 203.  Here’s what’s currently on my nightstand to read:

On the Road the Original Scroll by Jack Kerouac – I’ve been reading this one for awhile now—it’s research, or so I claim.  I’m half way through.  Apparently, once I’m done reading it, I’ll miraculously know my character Geoffrey, pop a benny and bang out the rest of my script in five days on a single scroll.

While I was Learning to Become God by Roxana Jones – I discovered and connected with Roxana via Twitter.  On the back cover it reads:  “Based on a true story, author Roxana Jones narrates conversations with her friend Sybil Vaughan, who is on her deathbed, waiting to rest in peace…”  Sounds powerful.  I’m looking forward to reading this one for spiritual expansion.

Nightstand stack of reading!

Dirty Words on Clean Skin by Anita Finlay – this is by an old friend from acting class.  She is on a mission to change the way newsmen and pundits view, speak about and publicly portray powerful women in the political arena. From the back cover:  “Dirty Words on Clean Skin examines the tactics that do damage to the credibility of powerful women and the cost to those watching from the ground.”   I’m personally not political at all but I am pro powerful women.  This one will educate me and probably fire me up.

In between reading these three, I’ve got my “office” stack of books to finish or reread.  I still need to finish reading Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky, I’m only a quarter of the way through that book—he started to lose me a bit with the actual methodology he’s presenting on how to make ideas happen…lots of organization…but I’ll power through eventually—and, I still want to read for a second time, Ignore Everybody by Hugh MacLeod and Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie.  Loved these books.  They are both entertaining and creatively and motivationally expansive.

Office desk reading stack!

I found out from Dear Friend at breakfast the other morning that she already read Start Something That Matters on her Nook while on vacation, so I have all the time I need to get through that one again.  But I’m bringing Ignore Everybody to Talented Actor Friend next Friday when we meet for lunch, so the clock’s ticking.

So much reading to do for so many different reasons!  I won’t even go into all the websites and blogs I need to visit and “read” from all my new Twitter friends.  I’m so behind!  But, I’ll eventually get to everything.  Reading fills so many roles for me: education, expansion, entertainment.  I love reading!

What role does reading play in your life?

What’s on your nightstand to read?

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…books to read.

Kelli Joan Bennett is a filmmaker, actress, writer, entrepreneur, advocate for creative thinking and Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Think Outside The Box Inside The Box Media.


  1. Reading also plays a big role in my life. I find it helps me be a better writer and lets me see what others are up to in this writing world. Keep reading and sharing your smiles 🙂

    • Those are two wonderful reasons to read! Thank you so much for sharing the roles reading plays in your writer’s life! 🙂

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