Day 207: Fully Dilated!

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Day 207:  Fully Dilated!

Day 207.  No, I didn’t write a word on the script today.  I didn’t even pretend to be doing “research.”  I just spent the day on Twitter motivating other people to create from what they have.  Man I love Twitter!  (follow @fromwhatyouhave) Yes, I know.  I need to work on that “practice what you preach” thing.  I did look into getting the new Final Draft software.  I have Final Draft but it’s like a decade old.  It won’t load onto my new laptop and I can’t even get an upgrade for it it’s so ancient—I have to get the latest version.  My decrepit Final Draft does still work on my old iMac (a relic itself from 2003) and even though I was writing away on it this past April during Script Frenzy, apparently now, “I just can’t write on it anymore!”  Yes, with an overly exasperated tone.  It’s bullshit, I know, but I’m a parrot, repeating it over and over, like it’s the only thing I know how to say.  Yes, a total excuse.  I’ve been using it as an excuse as to why I haven’t been writing for approximately six weeks now…well, that and “I’m doing research.”  Like Sergeant O’Neil in the movie Platoon says, “excuses are like assholes, Taylor, everybody got one.”  And apparently, I have multiple assholes, not to mention the fact that I’m starting to feel like one myself.

A-holes and excuses aside, I am very excited about a lunch meeting I have tomorrow with my Producing Partner, Dan the Amazing Editor Man and the three new editors on the documentary team!  The goal is to rally and motivate the troops to make a last, final push to deliver this baby.  After five years of contractions and labor pains we are finally fully dilated.  It’s time to finish giving birth!

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…final pushes.

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  1. Hope your lunch goes well! Nice to be connected with you on Twitter, which I like too 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Christy! Lunch went well! Wrote about it in yesterday’s report. I apparently like twitter too much, I just got shut down from tweeting b/c I went past my limit. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!

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