Day 217: Back in the saddle again!

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Day 217:  Back in the saddle again!

Day 217.  I can’t remember how to fire up the Avid.  “How quickly I block things out of my mind,” I laugh.  I muscle my way through my reluctant memories and get it fired up.  Yes, I’m editing again.   I’m neither happy nor bitter.  I just know I need to do whatever I need to do to finish my film, High School 911.  With that said, I must confess, it was not easy or pretty getting back into it.  Once I got the Avid on, the project up and scene 33’s bin open—yes, I thought it was a good sign too that I was returning to a scene that contains not one but two of my favs…the number 3—I immediately wanted to take a nap while eat brownies.  Pavlov was a smart guy.

The saddle waiting for me!

Long story short, I ate constantly and screwed around for hours just getting myself to actually do the work I needed to do but eventually I settled in and got it done—I think.  I’m supposed to copy it to the thumb drive and YouSendIt to Josh the new editor boy who apparently is kicking some serious ass according to my Producing Partner.  Way to go, Josh!

This weekend I’m going to the Art & Science of No Budget Filmmaking seminar by Mark Stolaroff that I mentioned back on Day 165.  I’m very distracted with all the other work I need to do and apparently I can’t park on the lot where it’s taking place.  I can’t stand looking for parking.  And I’d better hurry up because I think I need to be there by like 8:30am or something crazy this morning.  Besides the editing, Screenwriter Cindy sent me her rewrite on Wednesday.  I need to read that and make notes before we meet on Monday night.  College Desk columnist Alex is sending me the draft of her next article to edit.  I’ve got to find a New York City editor that will do me a favor and work for credit and lunch money to help new travel columnist Stephanie cut her webisodes together for her travel show.  I need to prepare the Declare Your Dream Discussion and Workshop program we’re going to do at Muse on 8th.

Me back in the saddle!

And of course, at some point, I need to write the rest of my damn screenplay.  My new Final Draft version 8 remains untouched except for the first test of making sure I could open it by typing FADE IN.

Whew.  Felt good to laundry list all of that shit out!  Of course, the sobering reality is there’s much to do.  I couldn’t be happier!  Seriously.  Besides the fact that I love my work, my theory is that the busier I am the more motivated I am to get things done.  We’ll see how that goes.  I’ll keep you posted.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…well worn saddles & laundry listing.

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