Day 218: The No Budget Way

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Day 218:  The No Budget Way

Day 218.  “The no budget way is Zen.  It’s a feeling really,” Mark Stolaroff says.  He’s going deep, right off the bat.  I like deep.  And I really enjoyed Day 1 of his seminar on the “art” of no budget filmmaking.  Granted, I was missing my personality and nodding off from lack of sleep at one point but, it had nothing to do with the class.  I was delirious.  Luckily, it wasn’t about me talking, it was about listening.  I managed to stay present and take copious notes most of the time.  It was chock full of inspiring stories, awesome speakers and an ideology that I agree with:  Embrace Your Limitations.

Today is the “science” of no budget filmmaking.  I clocked in almost eight hours of zzzzs so hopefully, I’ll be able to chat during breaks instead of napping. I believe today will be more about the nuts and bolts of filmmaking—contracts, logistics, permits, etc.  I’m very curious to hear how he suggests pulling off what normally costs a shit load of money for nothing or, at most, pennies.  Because that’s what I need to know!

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…limitations.

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