Day 222: The Inbetweener

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Day 222:  The Inbetweener

Day 222.  Writing is such an interesting process—creating anything really.  It’s different for everyone but I theorize that there are about three different stages—give or take—to the process of getting to a presentable first draft.  The first incarnation is usually the Fun Words on Paper Pass. Oh how I love writing in that stage.  It’s so free.  No restrictions, no judgment, your fingers just glide across the keys.  Bliss.  From there, it can get a little dicey and a lot less blissey.

I read a rewrite from one of my screenwriters—actually a polished pass of a “Fun Words on Paper” draft in the process—and there was hilarious, wonderful new stuff in it but it was also a bit of a jumbled mess.  I call this type of draft—the second stage—the Inbetweener Pass.  It has gained new, good stuff but it has lost what was so great about the first pass and it hasn’t quite reached its full potential yet—the marriage between the best of the first and the best of the second which equals the Awesome Official First Draft.

I’m not in the least bit worried because we’re actually so close.  It’s amazing really how it can seem like it’s not but it really is.  It’s almost magic how it makes that transformation from a jumbled mess to a crystal clear picture.  And I’m incredibly excited about it.  I have a real gem here, not only in the talented screenwriter but in this particular script.  I can’t wait to make it into a blockbuster!

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…inbetweeners.

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