Day 225: Tomato love!

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Day 225:  Tomato love!

Day 225.  Ok, I realize going gaga over tomatoes in a daily report that’s supposed to be about making my films is more than a little bit off topic, but I just have to take a second to acknowledge Uh-Mazing Romantic partner’s prowess in growing stuff we get to eat.  Every summer for the last, I think, like seven years, he has been planting a garden.  He got the idea from my Uncle Fred who is a big grower of goodies.  Uncle Fred set him up with his first set of tomato plants.  The rest is history.  Uh-Mazing Romantic Partner’s bumper crop every year:  tomatoes!  And every summer, we’re in love with the deliciousness of these tomatoes.  They ruin us for other tomatoes—unless they’re homegrown as well.  I’ve recently made homemade salsa (recipe courtesy of Aunt Wanda), caprese salad with fresh tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and basil from the garden, a tomato-garlic-basil pasta sauce, I put tomatoes in my chicken curry recipe and sometimes, we just have sliced tomatoes on the side of pretty much every meal.

Garden goodness!

Why am I making such a big deal out of Uh-Mazing Romantic’s gardening talents?  Well, full disclosure, because I have none.  Zero.  Nada.  Zilch.  I’m a black thumb.  I inherited none of my wonderful green thumb of a mother’s gardening skills.  My aforementioned Aunt Wanda gave me plant after plant right after college to brighten up my living spaces and I would somehow manage to kill every last one of them.  I couldn’t keep anything alive!  She finally gave me an aloe vera plant saying, “you can’t kill an aloe vera plant.”  What do you think happened?  It was dead within the month.  I either over watered it or under watered it thinking I was doing the right thing but I was totally wrong.  So, after the aloe vera plant incident, she gave up and I gave up.  I accepted my fate as a buyer and eater of producer not a grower of it.

How lucky am I that I benefit from Uh-Mazing Romantic Partner’s growing talents?  Ridiculously lucky and tomato happy!

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…your love.

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