Day 236: Technically a Technicality

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Day 236:  Technically a Technicality

Day 236.  Good morning!  I’m actually pretty darn pleased with how close I am to being caught up.  I’d say I’m now a mere half a day behind, maybe? Not bad, huh?  The heat wave was supposed to be broken by this morning and technically it is a little cooler but, it’s still supposed to be 88 today as opposed to the 84 degrees that was forecasted when I wrote on Day 233 about declaring I’d be caught up by today when the heat breaks.  So, I’m letting myself off on a technicality.  I now have until Saturday when it’s now forecasted to be 84.  Woo hoo!

Really, Kel?  You’re really letting yourself off the hook this morning and going public with it?   Well that’s not very “practice what you preach” now is it?  What about creating from your word?  Hmmmm? Just because the heat is only breaking by about five degrees doesn’t mean you should let yourself off the hook on a technicality.  Technically, you still have the whole day to get fully caught up!

My 5am “you’re busted” & not getting let off the hook face!

Wow.  Enough already.  Fine!  I’ll bust my butt and do my best to get caught up by the end of the day.  Happy?

Yes, I’m happy.

If you’re new to my personal “In the Trenches” daily report, I guess I should give you a heads up.  I talk to myself.  A lot.  I can’t help it.  It’s genetic.  I got it from my Dad.  I wrote about it back on Day 27:  Talk Nice.

Anyhoo, I’ve got to get my day going if I’m actually going to keep my word and get caught up!  The urge to let myself off the hook has lessened after a little tough love from me to me.  Now I’m ready to kick some technicality ass and keep my word to myself.  Woo hoo!

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…the ability to NOT let yourself off the hook on a technicality.

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