Day 237: Another Dream Bonanza!

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Day 237:  Another Dream Bonanza!

Day 237.  It’s that time again.  Two weeks since my last visit to the PO Box!  I was supposed to stop by after my notes meeting with Screenwriter Cindy—which went fabulously by the way—and I totally spaced.  I was on the phone with Aunt Wanda on my drive home and she shared some very upsetting news about a cousin’s health.  I got completely thrown off.  I came right home.  After a couple hours of phone calls and the sleuthing help of Eye Doc Sis, I got good news that my cousin’s prognosis is positive.  Whew.

After a late lunch with Uh-Mazing Romantic Partner to calm my nerves, we stop by the Post Office.  “Don’t be sad if there aren’t any new dreams in there today,” he quietly says to me.  “Okay,” I manage.  I’m so tired from the earlier two-hour script session and the subsequent scare about my cousin I surrender to the reality that there may not be any dreams in the PO Box—and I’m honestly too beat up to have any expectations.

Postmarks still not legible!

Not having any expectations is the way to go!  I open my PO Box and see a bonanza of dreams!  The biggest take yet!  Plus the John guy’s American Express bill.  I consider tossing the Amex bill in the trash, it’s never going to get forwarded to this John guy but I just can’t bring myself to do it.  I toss it back into the mail slot.  He’s my lucky Dream charm.

It’s another great batch!  We received a wide range of dreams from a wide range of areas—from health to career to personal improvement to dealing with death.  The latter took my breath away.  “Dreams come in all sizes, shapes and forms,” I say to Uh-Mazing Romantic Partner as we read the new dreams.  “And they are all somehow equally beautiful.”  We both well up.  Motivation and inspiration received!  Thank you, Dreamers!

The new Dreamers have been welcomed.  The new Dreams prayed for and sent off to the Universe to manifest for the Dreamer.  I just love my Friday Dream Day!  Go see the new dreams to get inspired and motivated to declare yours today.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…dreams to see.

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