Day 246: Some Bunny

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Day 246:  Some Bunny

Day 246.  While going up the always torturous Teasely Avenue on our walk one morning about a week ago, we spy a fluffy, tan and white bunny sitting out in the front yard of a house on the street.  Uh-Mazing Romantic Partner stops in his tracks.  “That’s somebody’s bunny.”   His concern is beyond the normal “let’s call animal control,” he is, “knock on doors, put up flyers type,” concerned.  And we did knock on doors.   Keep in mind it’s like 6:30am in the morning.  One man actually came to the door.  We tell him the story of the bunny one yard over.  He’s clearly annoyed but trying not to look like a total cold, hard ass.  He says he has no idea whose bunny it could be.  He tells us the woman whose house the bunny is in front of is 90 years old and lives alone so it isn’t hers.  Disturbed but not sure what else to do, we walked on.  I suggested we call animal control but we never actually made the call.  We just looked for the bunny on our walk the next day.

And every morning, there the bunny was, in one of four different yards all on the same side of the street, happily snacking on grass.  And every time we saw the bunny, Uh-Mazing Romantic Partner would stop and be concerned.  “Some coyote is going to make dinner out of you,” he’d say.  “Let’s think positive,” was always my response.   “Seems like he’s got a pretty good thing going on here.”  Yesterday we saw, at the 90 year-old woman’s house, a bowl of water and pieces of lettuce put out for the bunny.   Apparently, no on in this neighborhood is making an effort to find the bunny’s rightful owner or claiming the bunny as their own but they seem to be taking care of it—a community bunny.

The Bunny Hop

This morning, the bunny was hopping around in yet another person’s yard.  I had my iPhone with me so I snapped a picture.  He seems to be one happy bunny.  Uh-Mazing Romantic Partner stopped again and walked up to the bunny to say, “hi.”  The bunny is not skittish at all—definitely somebody’s pet.  I got the feeling Uh-Mazing Romantic Partner would like to bring this bunny home with us!  I also got the feeling there’s a story behind the concern.  I ask him, “Why are you so worried?  It’s just some bunny that seems to be doing ok from the kindness of strangers.”  He reveals that starting at the age of 11 he had not one, not two, not three, but four pet bunnies in total eaten by a neighbor’s basset hound over a three year period—serious childhood bunny trauma.  This certainly explains why he keeps saying the bunny is going to get eaten!

For now, Uh-Mazing Romantic Partner’s concerns for the bunny are assuaged.  The bunny seems to be thriving.   I’ll keep you posted on the bunny’s wellbeing and whether or not we end up with a new pet.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…concern for some bunny.

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