Day 252: Giveaway!

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Day 252:  Giveaway!

Day 252.   Today was supposed to be the day we screened the first official “cut” of my documentary.  Supposed to be the day.  As in it’s not anymore.  It just got pushed to tomorrow evening, which is when I was supposed to go to a star studded staged reading of Steel Magnolias at 6pm for which I donated $125 to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation for my ticket.  The change in schedule means I was supposed to go as in I can’t go anymore.  So, I’ve decided to have my first official giveaway!  Woo hoo!  Well, you have to live in the Los Angeles area because the reading is in Santa Monica.

Here’s info on the event:

When:  Sunday, September 9th

Time:  6pm

Where:  Santa Monica, CA.

More info:

I’m going to make this super simple.  The first person to email and tell me what they are creating today—whether that’s rest, a piece of art, a nice lunch or a masterpiece—will get the ticket!

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…things to give away.

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