Day 271: What was that about?

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Day 271:  What was that about?

Day 271.  My first thought upon waking up just now was, “what was that about?”  I was still awake until about 2am last night but I slept enough to where I shouldn’t pass out for four hours in the afternoon today like I did yesterday.  Here’s my “just woke up” analysis of the last two days:  stress. Big decisions mixed with being overextended, mixed with planning an event equals stressed out.  I was marinating in a stressful soup.

Yesterday afternoon, a woman in an accomplishment group I’m in replied to an email I’d sent her early Tuesday morning before all the insanity really got rolling.  I was emailing her about us connecting for an assignment from the class.  I had forgotten all about the fact that I had thrown out getting together this week.  When I saw her email address in my inbox after just waking up from a bizarre afternoon comatose style sleep, my heart started racing.  “Oh my god, I forgot I have another meeting this week!”  I immediately began panicking about how much I had to do and how was I going to get it all in.  Once I finally clicked on her email, I discovered, as luck would have it, she was apologizing because she was overbooked!  She asked if we could we just have a phone call.  What a relief!  I thanked her profusely and said, “Yes, perfect.”  She replied with a sentence that nailed my situation over these last couple of days:  “We think we are letting everyone down when really we are all juggling too many balls!!!”  She did not let me down, she made my life easier.

And that’s my reality.  I think I’m letting everyone down but really I’m juggling too many balls.  As of this morning, I’m not dropping any balls per se, I’m going to consciously and gently place a few down…just for now—until I can properly pick them back up and do them justice.  Whew!  Now that feels good.  Thanks for the lesson and reminder and relief, Lovely New Friend From My Accomplishment Group!


Until tomorrow, create from what you have…stress over juggling too many balls and lessons about putting some down.

Kelli Joan Bennett is a filmmaker, actress, writer, entrepreneur, advocate for creative thinking and Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Think Outside The Box Inside The Box Media.

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