In The Trenches – The Founder’s Daily Report: Sleep & Updates

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In The Trenches – The Founder’s Daily Report:  Sleep & Updates

Day 272:  I don’t want to jinx myself but I believe I’m back on a normal sleep schedule.  Woo hoo!  What an insane week.  I have nothing major planned for the next three days out of sheer necessity—I must take care of myself.  I really can’t afford to go off on a no-sleep spree again.  I pay for it later.  Everything suffers for like a week after.

A little news in the midst of all of the manic whackadoodle-ness:

Project 1:  Toothless lives!  For now, I’m willing to patiently stay toothless for as long as it takes to make the film.  Granted, I apparently might have to have a retainer though to keep my bite from shifting.  Deep sigh.  But on a more positive note, I just heard back that I’m going to have a meeting with a potential director for the project!  This makes me very excited.  He’s a real gem.  He’s not only a director but he’s an amazing cinematographer as well.  He’s a two-for-one!  Love it.  Everything crossed he’s a match.  I’ll keep you posted.

Project 2:  Botox has movement!  Oh the irony.  Not only is my new Very Connected Associate who wants to help get the film made reading the script next week so we can meet about it in October, I also heard from my Amazing Unexpected Producer Mentor last night.  She’s going to be reading the script this weekend.  Amazing Unexpected Producer Mentor graciously agreed to help me in any way she can.  I can’t wait to talk the project out with her!  She’s an amazing creative producer who has a ridiculous amount of experience developing scripts and making movies–big, real movies.  I won the mentor lottery.

Project 3:  A Little Bit Touched If You Know What I Mean Friend and I have, for the last week, been giving our screenplays 30 minutes of attention a day.  Our goal is to get back into our projects and eventually reach a first draft!  Attention is where focus is born.  And focus is what we both need in order to actually push the scripts forward.  We talked about how the week went for each of us last night.  It was really successful for both of us!  I actually wrote an entire new page and had some good stirrings of excitement begin.  She got motivated to sign up for a Save The Cat online program to help her with structure.  We decided to scale it back to Monday through Friday instead of seven days a week, but we are going to continue with our 30 minutes of attention a day for another week.  Then, we’ll go from there.

I’ll have an update on the documentary soon.

All in all, things are moving forward, slowly but surely.  All I can do is keep going, right?

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…the ability to keep going.

Kelli Joan Bennett is a filmmaker, actress, writer, entrepreneur, advocate for creative thinking and Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Think Outside The Box Inside The Box Media.

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