In the Trenches—Day 10 Year 2: Props and a Nomination

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In the Trenches—Day 10 Year 2:  Props and a Nomination

Day 10 Year 2:  It’s prop day!

I’m gathering and organizing props for the film all day today.  Woo hoo!  Most of them are coming from my own house so it shouldn’t be too hard.  Some are special order.  Good times!

It’s on!

Oh, did I tell you that we also just found out yesterday that my Uh-Mazing Romantic Partner/Documentary Producing Partner was nominated for a DGA award for his work on Ink Master?  Well, he was.  And I’m so excited for him and so proud of him!  And of course, I’ve already booked my hair appointment for the awards ceremony.

Here’s the link to the DGA nomination list:

2013 is off to a good start.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…props and nominations.

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  1. 2013 is off to a fucking amazing start!!!

    I have wine bottles for you… 🙂

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