In the Trenches—Day 18 Year 2: Full Frontal

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In the Trenches—Day 18 Year 2:  Full Frontal

Day 18 Year 2:

Jamison Jones in make-up, ladies & gentlemen!

I stayed in bed almost all day today!  Just not alone or sleeping or watching TV.  I was naked under the covers with another actor in front of a camera crew.  Good times.

It was the first “intimate” scene in a film I’ve ever done. It wasn’t a sex scene.  It was post coital.  Luckily, the scene was with an amazing actor and dear friend of 20 years.  We’ve known each other since college and worked together many times.  It was calming and freeing to have a trusted colleague in bed with me—literally as well as figuratively.  Thank you Amazing Actor and Dear Friend of 20 Years!

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…amazing actor friends.

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