In the Trenches—Day 4 Year 2: Almost Cast

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In the Trenches—Day 4 Year 2:  Almost Cast

Day 4 Year 2:  My director loved the actress he met with yesterday for the role of Stella.  So, we found another cast match.  Woo hoo!  That just leaves three more to go.  I have one cop to cast who has one line and must be non-professional because we’re out of SAG money.  And I’m still looking for a Momma, who I’d love to find a non-professional but we’re open to SAG because it’s a bigger role.  Talented Actress Friend sent me a suggestion yesterday and I forwarded onto my director.  She might be a little young looking even for make-up to age her but we’ll see.  Momma needs to be in her 60’s—or at least look like she is.  The third part we actually have someone on hold for it and two other backup options but scheduling is a bit of a conflict apparently.  We’ll see.

Screenwriter Monica emailed me yesterday afternoon cautiously inquiring how things were coming along.  She’s gotten more than one email from me in the last four months saying that the project was more than likely dead in the water.  I was able to report what I have always ended up reporting to her, “Collusions lives!”

Collusions lives.  And, against all odds, our little movie seems to be coming together on a wing and a prayer.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…wings and prayers.

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