In the Trenches—Day 35 Year 2: Collusions is in the can!

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In the Trenches—Day 35 Year 2:  Collusions is in the can!

Day 35 Year 2:

My best laid plans of continuing to write a daily report went out the window on Day 19 of Year 2 in the midst of production on Collusions—the first feature film in my slate.  I am proud and pretty damn thrilled to announce that—even though I did not report about it daily—we completed production and Collusions is officially in the can!  I am halfway home.

My “it’s in the can” happy face.

I say halfway because we now move into the editing phase of the process and you know my track record with editing!  But, I am cautiously optimistic this film won’t take as long as High School 911 is still taking.  Which reminds me, as my director of Collusions, Anthony Vietro, begins editing, I will be back to editing myself…on the doc.  Dan the Amazing Editor Man is available this month to get back to working on it and I hope we can finally finish it—five years later.  Holy crap!  That’s sobering.  Wish me luck.

DP Ric Griffith filming Tom Everett Scott in Collusions

But before I can get back to the doc, I must first finalize the wrap-out of production on Collusions.  I’m finalizing the cost report today then I fly to Atlanta tomorrow for a funeral.  Uh-Mazing Romantic Partner’s sweet grandma Gigi passed away.  We found out at the end of a very special night at the DGA Awards where Uh-Mazing Romantic Partner was nominated.  Grandma Gigi was 94 and lived a beautiful, full life.  It was an honor to have known her.

So, this week’s theme is closing chapters in order to open new ones.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…chapters to close.

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