Tembi Locke Launches “The Kitchen Widow”

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Tembi Locke as Regina in Collusions

Tembi Locke as Regina in Collusions

One of the stars of my film Collusions, the amazingly talented Tembi Locke, has just launched an informative and incredibly inspiring website for anyone who has experienced loss in their life or is in the painful process of losing someone.  Tembi describes the site as, “A place where we inspire connection and support in times of illness and grief.”  How perfect and much needed is that?!?  Especially during the holidays.  After losing My Dad this year, the theme and tone and love radiating from The Kitchen Widow felt like a warm, comforting blanket around my shoulders.  And I felt compelled to share it with you.

The site was inspired by Tembi’s personal experience of long-term care-giving and loss of her beloved Sicilian chef husband, Saro.  (She shares her wonderful husband and their beautiful story of love and her loss on the site in video interviews and written content which are must-watch and good-reads.)  The site is full of helpful, motivating and fresh information and recommended links from someone who has been there and experienced that.

From Tembi’s Welcome on the site:  “If you’ve ever been touched by profound loss; walked the path of caregiving; or simply asked yourselfWhat do I do, What  do I say?,then The Kitchen Widow is where I hope you find advice and inspiration.

At the heart of the site is the inspiring, advice filled and hope-inducing web series, The Kitchen Widow.  In it Tembi hosts family and friends who come together to give thanks and share their experience and advice over a home-cooked Sicilian meal from one of her husband’s recipes.  Yum.  She reaches those of us who are often isolated by our grief through the best place possible:  our stomachs.  As Hippocrates said, “let food be they medicine.”  Tembi is warm and authentic, the conversations are real and organic making them accessible, relatable and deliciously charming, plus, the food looks uh-mazing!  Lucky for us, she shares the recipes.  I will be attempting all of them in the near future.

TheKitchenWidow.com is Tembi's way to give-back.

TheKitchenWidow.com is Tembi’s way to give-back.

Check out The Kitchen Widow as soon as you can! Bookmark and subscribe.  And please, share it with anyone you know who might need the emotional support, the vitally important information and, most importantly, the inspiration the site so generously provides to those who are care-givers, have lost a loved one, or are dealing with losing someone right now.  And if you are inspired, motivated, or helped in anyway by the content and are moved to help Tembi continue to expand and share the site with the world, you can make a donation in support:  DONATE

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…new sources of inspiration to give-back.

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