Creating 2015—Day 26:   A Worthy Project

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Creating 2015—Day 26:   A Worthy Project

I wrote about my friend and Collusions star, Tembi Locke’s new website last month in my piece, Tembi Locke Launches The Kitchen Widow.  She is down to the last week of her Indiegogo campaign and she needs a push across the finish line to help reach her goal.  I am truly in love with this project and want to see it and Tembi succeed.  All of the content on the site is self-financed by Tembi, gratis to everyone who visits, and a generous give-back on Tembi’s part to help people in situations similar to the one she was in for 10 years—caregiving the love of her life, her husband Saro, through a battle with cancer—and the situation she is currently in as a widow.  I know times are tough financially, but no donation is too small.  Skip your Starbucks and throw in 5 bucks, or donate a dollar!  Truly, every dollar counts and it helps spread awareness.

Donate to a worthy project.

Donate to a worthy project.

Or, if you have already donated or you’re just too strapped for cash right now—which I can certainly understand, I’ve been there—then please take a moment to tweet, Facebook, email and share the website and campaign’s link to anyone you think needs it or would be inspired by the content.  It’s a mission worth getting behind.  As I wrote in my first piece about the site, I wish it had of been around when I was navigating my Dad having cancer and then when I lost him.  It’s truly a beautiful and worthy project that is starting a vitally important conversation about dealing with caregiving, illness, loss, grief and grieving.

Here is the website:

And to donate to the Kitchen Widow’s Indiegogo campaign, click on this link:–2

Thank you for checking it out!

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…a worthy project to support.

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