Creating 2015—Day 5: Driving With The Wolf Moon & A New Week

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Creating 2015—Day 5:  Driving With The Wolf Moon & A New Week

The first full moon of the year accompanies me on my early morning drive.  I am surprised I can still see it.  I try to capture a picture of it with my iPhone but that isn’t conducive to staying in my lane on the freeway.  I have to be satisfied enjoying its glory in the moment or crash my car.  I choose the former.  I find myself out and about at 6:22am for a 7:30am breast sonogram appointment in Beverly Hills.  My last scan showed a nodule.  Not a big deal but they want to keep an eye on it.  Better safe than sorry is fine by me.

Howling at the Wolf Moon

Howling at the Wolf Moon

Apparently, this full moon is known as the Wolf Moon.  According to the Daily Mail, it is called a Wolf Moon because “it was often accompanied by howling in North America from hungry wolf packs as they searched for food during the cold, lean days of winter.

Jen and I on the set of Collusions

Jen and I on the set of Collusions

It seems fitting.  The urge to howl is strong.  Fortunately, my urge is not due to hunger from a cold, lean winter.  That is apparent from my post-holiday, robust ass.  It’s due to the excitement of being in a New Year!  It’s due to all the fabulous people and places I’ll be seeing this week.  It’s due to the fact that today is Monday.  One of my favorites!  It’s the start of a new week.  It’s full of potential and promise!

One of those fabulous people I’m seeing today is my producing partner on Collusions, Jennifer Simpson.  With the film almost finished, it’s time to get serious about launching our baby out into the world!  We all agree—me, Jen, our executive producer, our director and our agent—the Los Angeles Film Festival would be a dream fit.  But the deadline is rapidly approaching on January 30th.  Yikes!  We shall see if we can get the color correction and sound mix done in time to submit an application to be considered.  Fingers crossed!  I’ll keep you posted.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…a new week.

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