Creating 2015—Day 105:   Day 3 of a New Cleanse

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Creating 2015—Day 105:   Day 3 of a New Cleanse

My third day cleansing is coming to an end!  I made it!  It’s only a total of 11 days, which isn’t too crazy.  Eight more to go.  Long story short my health has been super out of whack lately and I need to reset myself. The 21-day Clean cleanse is usually my go-to cleanse but it’s been challenging lately to focus and commit for that long.  Last time I did I failed miserably and quit after two weeks.  So, Uh-mazing Romantic Partner suggested I try a shorter cleanse, one he did back in November.  He found it easy and it did wonders for his health and energy.  It’s basically a shake, meal, shake kinda thing with a day or two interspersed of a more intense, deep cleansing AKA fasting.  It’s sorta similar to the Clean Cleanse but with that cleanse I always make everything homemade.  With this one, we got the shakes pre-made which is good because I am so not in the mood to do any cooking lately.  It’s super simple to follow and I dig that.  And I have to say, after my third day on it I am feeling better and much more energized which is super nice.  We’ll see how day 4 goes tomorrow.  Here’s to our health and to trying new things!

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…new cleanses.

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